Frequently Asked Questions

Myspace, Xanga and Friendster users, please check out these helpfiles:

myspace help - xanga help - friendster help

Those helpfiles explain exactly what you need to do to get our backgrounds working on your profile.

What is this site?

On Backgrounds Archive you find a variety of tileable images and desktop images, which you can use as wallpaper on your computer or for your Myspace profile. All images are totally free: no strings (or pricetags, for that matter) attached.

If you want to share your own images, feel free to join our community! We look forward to seeing a bit of your world.

What happens when I register? Will you use my private information for Bad Things?

When you register, four things happen:

1) You get your own profile, where people can leave messages.
2) You are able to upload your own images.
3) You are able to vote for others' images.
4) You can send private messages to other users on this site.

We won't give out your private information to other companies, and we won't send you any spam mail. For more information regarding privacy, please see the privacy statement on the registration form.

I've found my work on your site and it needs to be removed!

Please consult our Terms of Service for details on how to best file a report with us. Be assured that we take such reports seriously and will remove your content from our site promptly. If you send us a valid DMCA takedown notice, we will make sure to have the images removed promptly.

What is direct linking and why shouldn't I do it?

Direct linking means that you didn't copy/download the image and upload it to your own site, but that you point directly to the image URL at this site. That means that every time someone visits your site, that person downloads the image from this site. That's not so great for us, because those visitors use our bandwidth, but they don't really visit BGA.

In your HTML code, this means that something like this is bad:
<body background=http://www.backgroundsarchive.com/images/pub/0/61jdak87tv13.jpg>

However, if you upload it to your own site, this should be good:
<body background=106.jpg>

Please note that other than making BGA happy, you are also enhancing your own site's stability as you won't depend on BGA being online or keeping its image files at the exact same locations.

I found a cool image, but it's not my own. Can I still upload it?

That depends: only if the cool image is in the public domain, we can accept it. To find out whether your image is indeed public domain, check to see whether any copyright notices are attached to the image or placed on the website it originates from: copyright tags are a clear indication you are not allowed to use the image under your own name.

In doubt, please refrain from uploading the cool image, even if you've really grown fond of it. We don't want to upset any artists that worked hard on their little masterpiece. Instead, look for another cool image to upload!

Are all images accepted?

Short and sharp: no, not all images are allowed - images may not contain excessive nudity, violence or advertisements.

Our moderation team checks every image before it appears in the gallery. If you still see an image that you think shouldn't belong on a broad audience site like Backgrounds Archive, you can send us an email and we'll have a look at it.

Oh no! I'm all out of votes, yet there's this really nice image I still want to vote for. Give me more votes? Please?

Votes are restored every 24 hours, so don't worry, you'll get your ten votes back soon enough!

I have a question that is not yet answered in this FAQ. Help!

No sweat! You can email us about everything you still need to know (about BGA, that is) and we'll get back at you as soon as possible.

Happy archiving!
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